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Sputnik GIS is a perfect solution for UAV spatial data, processed with Agisoft PhotoScan.

View extremely high-detailed 3D models with no limit on data size in the TLS (Agisoft Tiled Model) data format. Open and analyse GeoTIFF and Sputnik KMZ orthomosaics and digital elevation models. Measure length, heights, fill and cut volumes, generate cross sections, slope maps and TIN models using simple and high performance GIS solution.

With Sputnik GIS you may import orthophoto and DEM with no limitations on file size and coverage area. Landsat, OpenStreetMap, Bing basemaps and SRTM elevation provides unified workspace for any kind of local datasets. Support of OGC standards such as WMS, WFS and KML allows to link Sputnik GIS up with the external GIS servers.

Features list:
  • • Measure distance along a path;
  • • Measure the slope, elevation and horizontal distance;
  • • Measure the planar and 3D surface area;
  • • Measure stockpile volume using a reference plane or by triangulation;

  • • DEM / DTM / DSM change detection;
  • • Cross sections and isolines creation;
  • • DSM to DEM conversion using Kriging interpolation;
  • • DEM to TIN conversion;

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