Sputnik Agro 



Sputnik Agro - system for the visualization of the crops condition data. Sputnik Agro is an appropriate tool for the view of the multispectral data obtained from UAV.

Convert infrared images from the multispectral camera to TIFF format. Visualize and analyze GeoTIFF NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) orthophotos. Measure the volume of the root vegetables in opened storages. Compile a map of the slopes and drains with the help of the simple and efficient geoinformation system for precise agriculture.

Relevant and accurate data on the area of cultivation for each field is the fundamental basis of contemporary agriculture. The accuracy of the information of area sizes influences the accuracy of the calculation of the costs of its cultivation. Inventory of the lands with the help of UAV is more precise and efficient than the currently practiced methods of fields bypassing or depicting the contour by the satellite data. Geoscan technologies allow to precisely determine the boundaries and the areas of the land, to specify the volume of actual land use and the vegetation cover type.

Features list:
  • • NDVI calculation by multispectral survey data;
  • • Analysis and compiling maps of the state of the crops;
  • • Data export for precise fertilization;
  • • Distances measuring with taking relief into account;

  • • Slopes, elevations and distances measuring;
  • • Area measuring on the surface of DTM/DEM;
  • • Volumes measuring from the specified level and triangulation surface;
  • • Monitoring of the changes of DTM/DEM with the time gap;