Pages Automator Actions


Create Automator workflows to control Apple's Pages with this pack of Automator actions. Make simple apps, workflows, droplets or even services to make those repetitive, time consuming tasks go like a breeze.

Whether it's batch exporting documents to ePubs or PDFs, or finding and replacing text in the body text of a collection of documents, these handy actions can save you time and effort.

To install, simply open the Pages Automator Actions app, then close it. You only need to do that once. The actions will then appear in Automator under the "Pages" header.

Included actions are:

  • • Open document(s)
  • • Close document(s)
  • • Export as ePub
  • • Export as PDF (with optional password protection)
  • • Export as formatted text (rtf)
  • • Export as unformatted text (txt)
  • • Export as MS Word (doc)
  • • Find and replace text (body text of word processing documents only)
  • • Make new document
  • • Save document(s)

Why not get your copy today and start automating your work the easy way!

System Requirements: macOS 10.12.5 or higher, Pages 6.1.1 or higher

Note: Documents created in Pages prior to 6.1.1 may need to be re-saved in the latest version of Pages before they will work properly.