Universal Client Sales Manager Pro Multi-User (5-User Edition)


Universal Client Sales Manager Pro Multi-User (5-User Edition) is for use in a small business with 1-5 users that need to share a common Universal Client database. The system provides a simple, integrated sales and client management system that make it a friendly alternative to cumbersome sales and accounting applications or web-based applications that require regular monthly subscription fees. Set up clients, contacts and leads. Track deals and view progress by month, employee, or stage. Generate and track business activity through separately managed sales estimates and sales orders. Convert estimates to sales orders by a button click. Convert sales orders to invoices by a button click. Create copies of sales orders and estimates by a button click. Manage daily tasks and deadlines through an integrated master activity log (general to-do tasks, client communications, follow-ups, complaints, deal tasks, and appointments). Process returns, and enter payments. Perform advanced search in all major system functions. Link external documents to a client's record. Set and print schedules with clients. Setup parts and services, suppliers, employees, company sites, organization description, state tax rates, and states/region/provinces. Create reports for sales activity, financial status, client statements, and all system databases and functions. Export reports into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Adobe PDF file format. Send email to clients using Microsoft Outlook (must have Outlook pre-installed on your computer). Import and export clients / contacts to and from Microsoft Outlook. Initiate calls directly to clients from within the system using Skype (must have Skype pre-installed on your computer). Backup and restore the database using built-in functions. Import existing part information databases. The program supports international currencies. Create usernames with passwords to restrict access to the system.