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Mixbus brings the sound and feel of a high-end analog console to your studio.

Now, spend two lightning-paced hours learning 120+ ins and outs of the editing, mixing and recording workflows in Mixbus.

Produced by Nathan “Adan” Adam of and, this HD video download features in-depth overviews of the Edit and Mixing system, Power-user tricks, Keyboard shortcuts, Compression settings, Recording and Automation.

Other Topics Include: Playback & Editing Options, Right Click Tricks, Plugins, Inserts & Sends, Tape Saturation & Mix Busses, Punch Ins & Outs, Nudging, Splitting, Meters, Tempos, Snapshots, Solos, Crossfades, Ranges, Gain Automation, Duplicating, Muting, Exporting, Filling, Spliting, Arming, Routing and so much more...

Download Intro to Mixbus, and start mixing Today! (Product is delivered as a direct download)

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