x42 Parametric EQ for Mixbus


x42-EQ is a 4 band parametric equalizer with additional low & high shelving and high & low-pass filters. The equalizer is designed to match equivalent analog gain, with zero latency and no phase-shift when approaching the Nyquist frequency. It does not have a cramped response which is often the referred to as digital sound.

x42-eq features built-in realtime spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) displays, a user resettable peak-hold display and an output gain control.

These plugins are pre-installed in Mixbus v3.2 and later. Purchasing this license will enable the EQ for use in your sessions. The EQ works on all platforms: Mac, Windows and Linux; 32bit and 64bit.

For more details visit: http://x42-plugins.com/x42/x42-eq

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