LTI (Lemur Touch Interface)

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The Lemur Touch Interface allows your tablet ( iOS or Android ) to remotely control features of Mixbus32C: including transport, editing and mixing.

The LTI is intended for use with the popular iOS and Android OSC controller application Lemur (please note that use of this interface requires the Lemur application). Lemur uses the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol to remotely control Mixbus32C over an ethernet connection. The Lemur Interface is customizable by the user to meet their needs.

The LTI features:
- Mixer Interface: 8 fader scrollable banking interface with quick access to transport, channelstrip knobs, and monitoring.
- Session Overview Interface: displays 24 track "cards" with rec-arm, mute, solo and other features.
- Track Expansion Interface: with channelstrip EQ and Compressor knobs.
- Transport Interface: with change-able jog modes, accelerated scrolling, and transport controls.
- Controller Customization options, and infinite flexibility.
- And much, much, more!

- Lemur Template

- Mixbus/32c 4.2 and newer.
- A wireless network must exist between the Lemur tablet and the Mixbus32C computer.
- Host computer must have access to the Lemur Editor for initial installation:

Lemur Editor System Requirements:
- OSX: 10.5 or above
- Windows: Windows XP (SP2) or newer

Mixbus32C System Requirements:
- OSX: 10.6.8 or above
- Windows: Windows XP (SP2) or newer
NOTE: A monitor with at least 1200 pixels height is highly recommended for Mixbus32C. Visit our system requirements page for more details: 32C System Requirements

Mixbus32C Demo

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