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Mixbus32C v4 (NOTE: v4 superseded, newer version available)


Note: a newer version of Mixbus32C is available. For more information click here: http://harrisonconsoles.com/site/mixbus32c.html

Current version: v4.3 (Product is delivered as a direct digital download, and all sales are final)

Upgrade Policy
- Intra-version upgrades i.e.; v4.1, .2, .3 etc. (Free)
- Mixbus32C Major version release upgrades i.e.; v4 to v5 (US$79.00)
- Mixbus32C Major version release upgrades if original purchase was made within 30 days prior to the release, and downloaded within 10 days (Free)

Contact support if you feel you are eligible for Loyalty Discounts. mixbus@harrisonconsoles.com

NOTE: A monitor with at least 1200 pixels height is highly recommended for Mixbus32C. Visit our system requirements page for more details: 32C System Requirements

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