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Mixbus v4


Mixbus™ is a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with "True Analog Mixing"™: a combination of Harrison's world-renowned sound and features in an affordable, knob-per-function interface. Mixbus provides professional-level features to import or record an unlimited number of audio tracks to your computer, edit them, and mix them together. You can use Mixbus to record a band, arrange a song with MIDI instruments, mix the tracks, master the tracks for distribution, and edit the audio for your video.


- Straightforward “knob per function” mixer layout based on Harrison's legendary mixing consoles.
- DSP derived from Harrison's world-renowned analog and digital mixing consoles.
- Precision algorithms for EQ, Filter, Compression, Analog Tape Saturation, and Summing.
- Unlimited stereo or mono input channels, each with unlimited plugins, sends, and hardware inserts (limited only by CPU speed).
- Phase, Input trim, High-pass Filter, Sweepable 3-band EQ, Compression, sidechain paths, and 8 Mix Bus sends on every track.
- 8 Stereo Mix Buses featuring Tone controls, Compression, and Analog Tape Saturation.
- Stereo Master Bus that features Tone controls, Analog Tape Saturation, K-meter, Stereo Correlation Meter, and Limiter.
- Automatic plug-in delay compensation to support effects such as parallel compression without time misalignment.
- Comprehensive "at-a-glance" metering with peak, peak hold, and compressor gain reduction visible on every track and bus.
- Extensive DAW editing features including "Smart" tool, crossfades, timestretch, ripple edit, and more.
- MIDI tracks and virtual instrument support provides a complete environment for music production.
- Industry standard plugin support: Mixbus loads VST, VSTi, LV2, and AU (AudioUnits for MacOS only).
- Industry standard audio I/O support: Mixbus uses ASIO on Windows, CoreAudio on OSX, and ALSA on Linux.

Current version: v4.3 (Product is delivered as a direct digital download, and all sales are final)

Upgrade Policy
- Intra-version upgrades i.e.; v4.1, .2, .3 etc. (Free)
- Mixbus Major version release upgrades i.e.; v4 to v5 (US$19.00)
- Mixbus Major version release upgrades if original purchase was made within 30 days prior to the release (Free)

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