x42 Professional Metering plugin bundle for Mixbus


x42 Meters is a collection of audio-level meters published by Robin Gareus at x42.

These professional-quality meters are intended for critical broadcast and mastering tasks.

These plugins are pre-installed in Mixbus v3 and later. Purchasing this license will enable the meters for use in your sessions. The meters work on all platforms: Mac, Windows and Linux, 32bit and 64bit.

This bundle includes needle style meters (mono and stereo variants):
IEC 60268-10 Type I / DIN
IEC 60268-10 Type I / Nordic
IEC 60268-10 Type IIa / BBC
IEC 60268-10 Type IIb / EBU
IEC 60268-17 / VU

Stereo & Mono variants of bar-graph meters:
30 Band 1/3 octave spectrum analyzer IEC 61260
Digital True-Peak Meter (4x Oversampling), Type II rise-time, 13.3dB/s falloff.
True-Peak (4x Oversampling) + RMS (600ms integration time) combined with numeric readout
K-12, K-14, K-20 / RMS type K-Meters according to the K-system introduced by Bob Katz
DR14 (Crest Factor)

Stereo-only plugins:
EBU R128 Meter with Histogram and History
Stereo Phase Correlation Meter (Needle Display)
BBC Mid/Side M-6 (Needle Display)
Goniometer (Stereo Phase Scope)
Phase/Frequency Wheel
Stereo/Frequency Monitor

Mono-only plugins:
Signal Distribution Histogram

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