TalkMarker Generator


Our TalkMarker Generator™ toolset gives you the ability to use audio cues during performance assessment activity recording, and will dynamically generate markers from those cues for use as hyperlinks in your after action reviews (AARs).

When combined with our basic server tools (MOBAARS webAAR™ and eBoard Data Service™), TalkMarker Generator analyzes the audio tracks in the videos for your new sessions (created by eBoard | Observer MOBAARS™ or our camera downloader tools) after they're transferred/downloaded to the server, creating a "Talk Marker" for every likely vocalization of any key phrase associated with the session activity. Our webAAR product renders those as hyperlinks during an AAR for those sessions, allowing you to immediately navigate the session data to the point in time at which the phrase was spoken.

TalkMarker Generator™ runs in the background as a Microsoft Windows™ service, and includes a forms app for controlling behavior of the service.

Requires Microsoft™ .NET 4.0 or higher. Runs on Microsoft™ Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 desktops and Server 2008-2012.