Draw Text On A Path


The Draw Text On A Path application allows working with long text on a path you can define. You can then beautify the text by changing several values/properties such as values related to fonts: Font Size, Font Family, Font Style, Font Weight and also by applying two text effects: the Drop shadow effect and the Blur effect. You can of course change the color of the text as well. Using this application you can: create beautiful texts which follow a path, save the resulting text image with transparency to a .PNG file, create 3D text easily, add images (just drop them on the canvas) to the resulting text to make it more beautiful, create individual letters of the alphabet which you can beautify, you can also work with any number of images on the canvas by resizing, rotating, duplicating, deleting and changing the opacity of those images, you can also select any image and filter it using 94 filter variations and you can also create a path made of points for which you can then get the coordinates.