InHisVerse Extras


Dig even deeper into the Hebrew and Greek.

Lifetime license for InHisVerse Extras includes a unique Greek Inspector that digs out related root words; a synonym search, bridging the gap between Hebrew and Greek words; full BibleHub.Com integration where online parallel verses, dictionaries, and commentaries for the current verse are a single click away. In addition, Extras has nine different encyclopedias and dictionaries, arranged so that the topics reflected in the current verse are prominently displayed, along with user bookmarks, browsing history and a King James Version examination panel. Full details can be found at

Lifetime activation for a single user/device combo. For Windows 7, 8, 10.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards accepted as well as PayPal and Amazon. Each machine you are activating requires a license. If a machine has multiple users, each user requires a license. Licenses are for the life of the software, provided machine and user name do not change. Licenses can be transferred up to 3 times. Refer to Software Activation Policies for more info.

Return accepted for 30 days. Please contact the email address provided in your sales receipt. Refunds processed within 7 days.