Velouté 2


Velouté 2 is a collection of 18 shaders sharing more than 160 procedural textures for Carrara. Velouté 2 adds 7 new shaders to the Velouté's collection of 11 shaders and propose more than 160 procedural textures. Originally developed in order to provide textures for buildings and construction, the added noise, gradient, and perturbation shaders make them essential tools for the creation of rich and detailed textures.

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$17.00 $14.00

Baker is a texture baking tool. Using the UV mapping of an object, it can extract flat texture map from any Carrara shader, giving then the possibility to rework it in other traditional 2D software. You can now start shading an object with any Carrara procedural shader, either 2D (UV mapped shaders) or 3D (solid shaders) and then add details to it in your favorite 2D software. Baker can also bake lightmaps and normal maps: rendering time can be dramaticaly lowered by using these technics usualy used in real time rendering application. These maps are also very useful to enhance 3D characters modelized for video games.


$17.00 $14.00

Replica duplicates objects in various configurations. The duplicatas can follow lines, squares, circles, or any kind of existing shape in the scene. Furthermore all the new instances can be sligthly different from the others in position, scaling, orientation and even shading. When the object is a light, its color can be modifed. The modification is by default a build-in noise, but it can also be based on any shader present in the scene.


$12.00 $9.00

Shaper adds Free Form Deformation capabilities to Carrara. Shaper is a very handy deformer that allows you to deform any geometric object with a cubed grid of points.


$7.00 $5.00

Deeper is a Carrara plug-in that builds and reads normal maps. Use normal maps in Carrara to create highly detailed and fast rendering bump mapping or to add volume information to a basic geometry.


$5.00 $3.00

Swap allows Carrara users to replace the selected objects with another one. This tool works with any geometric primitives, volumetric primitives, scene instances, cameras, lights and shaders.


$22.00 $18.00

Primivol contains the following volumetric primitives: Fire, Cloud, Smog, Rising Smoke. Through these primitive, Primivol can also render any 3D shader as a volume, and can alter its shape with a set of modifiers and ramp-off functions. Lighting, self-shadow, density, color and many other parameters are accessible through the UI and can be precisely adjusted and animated.


$44.00 $39.00

ArchiTools is an advanced building modeler designed for 3D artists. It's UI has been especially conceived to make it intuitive, easy to learn and fun to use.