Share the Wubs!


Dubstep! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been asked to do Dubstep a lot lately. Whether it’s for film, TV, trailers or video games, clients do love the sound of wubs! I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it and I want to share the wubs with you, and with others!

That’s right, share the wubs! 100% of the profits from Share the Wubs will go to the ACMF, who are a not-for-profit organisation that provides music instruments and programs for disadvantaged and Indigenous children and youth in schools, remote communities and juvenile justice centres. Share the Wubs is a very comprehensive Dubstep library that gives you all the tools you need to create that speaker wobbling noises that the kids (and a lot of clients) love these days! There’s growling basses and glitch pitch vocals inspired by Skrillex, anthemic builds inspired by Nero, groovy sequences inspired by Madeon, and a whole stack of wubby, screamy, 200hz bursting madness!

The library contains 2 gigabytes of loops, stems, construction kits and one shots, all containing tempo information ready to be synced to your host – simply drag and drop and you’re ready to Brostep! Each phrase is written in Dmin, making mixing and matching different phrases and loops simple, and these files can always be pitched to whatever key you’re working in.

You can learn more about the library and hear demos here: Share the Wubs

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