Flavours 2 Lite


Change the look of your Mac!
A fine selection of 128 themes (+ variants) for OS X Yosemite.

Flavours 2 Lite supports OS X Yosemite ONLY.
OS X El Capitan is NOT supported.
For older OS X versions check Flavours Classic. Check our FAQ for more information.

Please note that development and user support for Flavours 2 Lite has ended.

Select Your Flavours 2 License

  • Flavours 2 Lite (Single License) $5.00
  • Flavours 2 Lite (License for 2 Macs) $7.00
  • Flavours 2 Lite (License for 5 Macs) $12.00
  • Flavours 2 Lite (Upgrade License for Flavours Classic (1.x) users) $2.50
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