iOSXpert IT Consulting - rate for 1 hour

Our rate for 1 hour consulting, support or custom development.
For example:

- Custom reports
- Plugin development & customization
- Technical support
- Business consulting

The consulting / support is being provided via phone and a screen share over the internet. The consulting / support credit may be used in multiple sessions.

Individual development is not part of the Consulting.


iOSXpert IT Consulting - one day (8 hours)

Use our know-how in order to simplify your workflow with next-level software and create a positive working environment for your colleagues.
The right combination of hardware, software, and work methods helps you to be more productive and to manage your time more efficiently.

We do online training using remote maintenance systems and over the telephone. The great advantage of online training is that it allows training sessions in smaller units. That means you can ease into your new systems gradually and be trained step by step instead of having to take it in within one marathon meeting. Each training unit has a maximum duration of 120 minutes; this way noone loses concentration and can gain some experience with the newfound knowledge before moving on.

Individual development is not part of the Consulting.



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