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Health Coach Engaged Idealist

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Your personalized 60-page iPersonic Health Coach eBook was developed with the objective in mind to process general scientific knowledge on the subject of health and happiness for the benefit of individual personality types. You will discover the pre-requisites for health and happiness to use in your every day life—and end up a lot healthier and happier!

With each strategy presented in your Health Coach eBook, you will learn exactly what significance it has for your own personality type.If it has been one of your strengths all along, it’ll be the objective for you to profit from it in your life even more. In case it does not fit in with your preferences, you’ll find out where this could cause problems for your life and health and what a person of your type should watch out for if he/she wants to implement them.

Start living your personal, health-supporting lifestyle

Recent research provides a clear answer to the question about the correlation between happiness and health: Increased life satisfaction is related to better health and a longer life. As a matter of fact, the latest research demonstrates: A happy life not only prolongs overall life expectancy by 14% (amounting to 10 years in the industrialized countries!), it also has a substantial impact on physical health. Consequently in this iPersonic eBook we are not only going to deal with the physical aspect of health for your personality type but frequently with the psychological aspect, as well. The fact is that emotional and physical health benefit each other, they are intricately linked.

Health advice, tailored to your personality

Health and happiness counselors dealing with these subjects and providing well-meaning advice for the masses are already a-dime-a-dozen. The problem is that—all too frequently—the recipient will only be able to apply a small portion of the offered wisdom for practical applications in his/her everyday life. After all, consultants must address as large an audience as possible and that is naturally at the expense of the individual. On the subject of health, happiness and life-shaping, the individual personality type is crucial for which strategies are suitable and successful, and which are not.

The benefits of your personal Health Coach

It's made for you. Just you.

Your iPersonic Health Coach is custom-tailored to your personality type. No fillers, just facts. Discover and develop your building blocks for your personal wellbeing. Our health advice tailored to your personality. We bring it all into focus for you.

Download it now and get started!

Your Career Profile will download within seconds. All the information will be right at your fingertips in no time. You can print it out straight away or save it to your computer. All iPersonic eBooks come in the convenient PDF format. It couldn't be easier!

Developed by an expert

Felicitas Heyne is a well-known psychologist and best-selling book-author. She is an International Affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and Member of the German Psychological Association (BDP).

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