SasQuatch All Access for Windows OS


You have found SasQuatch Find Anything™, the application that lets you capture and index information with velocity and data-density that is superior to competitive products. Its ability to move “at the speed of life” using proprietary algorithms makes it ideal for personal journals, live networking, electronic lab notebooks for engineers and students, gathering research, and tracking physical items including the ability to barcode and scan. From your grocery shopping list to your master’s thesis, SasQuatch adds leverage and efficiency to everything you do.

See how it works!

It's a simple, easy-to-use app that works in the same non-linear way that your brain does. It lets you create maps of thoughts and things that you can assign to abstract categories or to real physical locations.

This technology (named after the famously difficult-to-find SasQuatch!) becomes Your Personal Internet and contains only things YOU care about under keywords YOU get to choose. Now you can search your life the way you can search the web! SasQuatch gets you organized, organically, one small item at a time.

Features of the Lite version include basic Items, Containers and Content, plugins like Barcodes and Document Composer that are available today, and FREE ACCESSORY UPGRADES for one year.