Core Ideas - 2 page PDF - v2


This pdf expands the topics found on this page.

I use two core ideas for teaching someone how to play a musical instrument…training beyond & limits/exhaustion. This is whether we are actively using the following language & ideas in actual sessions, or not.

Training beyond means that we practice in intelligent ways which allow us to play whatever we set out to play [our music, other folks’ music].

We work with the materials of music in specific and non-specific ways, in our own way. We ‘exhaust’ the possibilities for any given set of tones [any agreed upon set is a limit]. When we explore the materials in this way, for long enough, much of it [what we hear] becomes self-evident [discover-able].

Give each of these ideas some thought. In a way, they are different ways of looking at the same process. They can be distinct lenses for practice.