Guitar Path Site Pack


Version 12 (v12)
37 MB zip file

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Your Guitar Path Site Pack includes...


Shape Connect Changes - 3 Page PDF - Look at the System
Capo Charts For All Keys & Positions - 2 Page PDF
C Major Chord Scales in 5 Positions - 4 Page PDF
G Em C D in 5 Positions - 2 Page PDF
Linear CAGED Cycle for C Major v4 - PDF Single


7 Major Scale Patterns v5 - 3 Page PDF
5 Pentatonic Frames in A minor and C Major v1 - 2 Page PDF
5 Pentatonic Frames in E minor and G Major v1 - 2 Page PDF

New! Octave Explorer Exchanges - 9 Page PDF categorized by Major and minor types, Over Chords, Derivative (21 basic modes), and Other Types.


Music Theory Numbering System Single v3
Circle of 5ths v3 - PDF Single
Lines of 7 v2 - PDF Single
Octave Skeleton v4 - PDF Single


15 Practice Points v3 - 2 Page PDF
Core Ideas v2 - 2 Page PDF
Set List v1 - PDF Single


Blanks include Tablature, Staff/Tab, Staff, 6x6 Grids, Fretboard Layout, & Bass/Uke Tab.


Jam Audio: 3+ minute practice tracks in A minor, E minor (2 tracks), C Major, F Major, G Major. All acoustic guitar with drums [no bass - good for bass line writing as well]. These files are not available for individual purchase.