One Hour One Life


You will be given immediate access to all of the following DRM-free downloads:
  • --- Windows build.
  • --- GNU/Linux build.
  • --- Full source code bundle (which can also be compiled on GNU/Linux, and used to run your own editor and game server)

Mac Users: Apple has broken backwards compatibility (again!). As of MacOS 10.15 (Catalina), One Hour One Life no longer runs on MacOS. I'm still making weekly builds that will run on 10.14 and earlier, but MacOS is no longer an officially supported platform.

Includes a lifetime account on the main game server and access to all future updates. You can unlock the Windows version of the game on Steam for free as part of this purchase.

Important Note:
Each separate account needs a separate email address. Your email is used as your login ID on the server. If you're buying more than one account, please use a different email address for each.

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