Online Software Purchase

Here you can buy licenses of our software. Immediately after placing your order you will see a purchase receipt contaning the serial number purchased. Additionally you will receive an email containing the same information.
If you qualify for a student discount send us an email containing a scan of your valid student picture id and we'll send you back a coupon code.
We do not ship any physical items. Download the product you purchased and enter the license code you receive into the License menu to unlock the program.
JollysFastVNC $29.95

Fast, secure, feature-rich Mac VNC client.
ScreenRecycler $29.95

Use your other computer as an additional display for your Mac.
SmartSleep $5.95

Sleep your Mac differently depending on the battery level.
Keychain2Go $12.95

Keychain2Go is the missing link for Keychain sync between Macs and Macs and iOS Devices. Finally you can access, sync and change your Keychain on multiple devices ( Macs and iOS ).
JollysFastVNC and ScreenRecycler Bundle $44.95

This bundle is for JollysFastVNC users that also want to use ScreenRecycler. Be aware that ScreenRecycler users can use JollysFastVNC to connect to ScreenRecycler without an additional JollysFastVNC license.