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Sessions is the exclusive audio collection of Janet’s private phone consultations with parents (with their permission, of course!) seeking insight and support around a personal infant, toddler or preschooler dilemma.

In each episode of Sessions, Janet explores in depth a myriad of common parenting topics which will resonate with parents and early childhood professionals.

The conversations are personal, candid, sometimes emotional, always authentic.

If you’re a fan of Janet’s "Unruffled" podcasts and value her opinions and point-of-view, you’ll love the interaction and depth of Sessions.

This is Janet at her best, connecting with parents in their moment of struggle with calm, compassion, insight and answers.

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A dad and mom feel their four-and-a-half-year-old can’t express his emotions and instead becomes angry and frustrated, often taking it out on his younger sibling, who is two and a half. He can be stubbornly defiant and resistant, and some days he refuses to go to school or participate in other planned activities. In their letter to Janet, the mom ascribes her son’s behavior to “anger management,” and she believes the root of his problems is a lack of self-confidence. She says that he is “very smart” but seems “socially behind.” She is trying to understand his behavior and looking for strategies to address it while supporting her son’s strong emotions. (37:56)

[Topics Include: siblings, hitting, scratching, biting, control, emotions, self-confidence, guilty feelings, school, patience, trust]


A single mom writes that she is receiving almost weekly, alarming reports of her son’ s aggressive, disruptive behavior at school. In her note, she describes her son as “loveable and spontaneous” and goes on to say that she spent half the day crying after receiving another phone call from the school telling her that her son had punched a little boy in the stomach. She has tried telling her son to “pay attention in class, listen to the teacher, and we don’t hit our friends,” but she’s at a loss and looking for some support and advice in anticipation of yet another one-on-one conference with the teacher. (27:57)

[Topics Include: aggressive behavior, frustration, boundaries, anger, school, competent leadership, self-control, acceptance]


A reserved, anxious child has trouble interacting with peers and seems generally frightened in some common playground situations -- often something as innocent as another child approaching to say ‘hi’. Her impression is that he doesn’t feel safe around other children and often, if they get too close, he will freeze and break into tears. The situations have recently increased in frequency, and now he doesn’t want to attend his weekly playgroup and refuses to go to the playground altogether. She writes that “he seems to be growing more and more afraid of his peers,” and she’s hoping for an explanation and some advice about how to support her son when he’s distressed. (23:00)

[Topics Include: play, social intelligence, fear, toddler interactions, acceptance, confidence, trust, labeling]


A single parent who works as a psychotherapist feels guilty when she loses patience and gets angry with her spirited, demanding toddler. She describes her daughter as precocious, cognitively advanced and emotionally developed. She admits that her expectations are high, so when her daughter displays age-appropriate, precocious behavior, she can become disappointed, frustrated and angry. While this mom says that she is “good at repair,” she still feels guilty for losing her cool and is looking for tools to deal with those times when she’s exhausted from work and her daughter is testing limits. There are two instances of strong language in this recording. (42:49)

[Topics Include: limits/boundaries, toddler testing, patience, being a confident leader, guilty feelings, patience, parent/child relationship]


A couple writes that their three-year-old is testing boundaries at home and at school, and that “her behavior in general is out of control.” At home, the primary concern is her aggressiveness toward her six-month old sibling. “We do our very best to stay unruffled, but by the 50th time she gets a good reaction from us.” At school, their daughter feels that she must control everything and everyone, and they have included a note from the school describing her interactions and behavior. This couple has been struggling mightily to remain patient and respectful, but they’re at their wits’ end and are seeking guidance. (33:25)

[Topics Include: aggressiveness, control, patience, siblings, school situations, limits, firm guidance, boundaries, positive momentum]


A two-year-old’s constant emotional meltdowns are frustrating his mother and causing her to feel guilty. This mom describes her son as “strong willed and loud” and says that for the first year and half of his life, “he pretty much just cried… all day, every day.” Now, she says her toddler melts down over any and every detail of his daily life. What she finds especially frustrating is that he seems very much at ease and plays happily at his grandparents’ house. She tries to stay calm and allow him to express his feelings, but after two years of relentless whining and tantrums, she feels her patience running out and wonders “why my boy is so unhappy.” (32:05)

[Topics Include: tantrums, frustration, whining, independent play, guilty feelings, expectations, being a confident leader, acceptance, emotions]

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