The Language of Light Complete Set -
Volumes One & Two

The Language of Light - Volume Two

In this highly anticipated sequel to The Language of Light Volume One, get a glimpse inside Joe’s thought process as he dissects a location shoot. It’s an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at more advanced uses of light in the field. Now that you have the “how” and “why” of simple lighting mastered, we crank up the volume and add more speedlights or strobes. It’s an entertaining ride as we take our problem solving skills and a whole bunch of speedlights (and some big strobes) on location. We’ll revisit some basic concepts and techniques, but now apply them in a much more complex fashion. In this edition, the video camera floats through the action as a shot comes together, capturing the musings, conversations, and the never ending adjustments of location shooting. It’s not as nuts and bolts as the first edition, and it takes the tools and lessons of The Language of Light Volume One into much more complex realms of using speedlights to good effect on location.

The Language Of Light - Volume One

For the past three decades, photographer Joe McNally has been documenting our times on assignment for publications like LIFE, Time, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and many others. Highly regarded as a master of light, both natural and artificial, Joe continues to create stunning imagery all over the world. Much sought after as a photographer, lecturer, and teacher, Joe educates and inspires shooters of all types--pros, hobbyists and beginners--with The Language of Light.In this DVD set, Joe shares almost 30 years worth of field knowledge, instruction, and philosophy about using light as a powerful tool of visual communication. He fully explores and explains different lighting techniques, and goes well beyond the "how" all the way through the "why," of using light. Small flash, hard light, soft light, light with color, light in the studio, and light on location are all dissected and explained. You see and hear all about the f-stops, shutter speeds, lenses and light shaping tools, and you are taken further into the reasons why a one lighting approach is better than another for certain scenes, faces or groups. All along the way, Joe offers tips, tricks and solutions that can only be gained from 30 years with a camera to your eye. Sit back, relax and enjoy as this legendary shooter takes you on a fast paced, humorous, and always informative journey about how to speak with light.

BONUS FEATURES: - Tech Talk with Anne Cahill - Nikon's Lindsay Silverman (the flash wizard) - Sit-down interview with legendary photographer, editor, and author, John Loengard - A "guest" appearance by David "The Strobist" Hobby, and more...