Long Exposure, Architecture, Fine Art Photography - Creating (en)Visionography




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From the winner of IPA International Photography Awards Architecture Photographer of the Year and best-selling photography author Julia Anna Gospodarou.

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This video tutorial and eBook aim to change the way you see photography and to open a new world for you in fine art. They aim to teach you how you can use photography as a tool to express your deepest and most essential vision and be able to create art.

After the success of the best-selling book From Basics to Fine Art – Black and White Photography – Architecture and Beyond, considered by prestigious fine art photographers “the best book on black and white photography written in the last 40 years”, this new video tutorial gives the practical tools on how to create fine art photography in a new way, by working with long exposure and architecture, but extending the knowledge to any subject and technique you may work with.

In more than 2.5 hours of rich content Julia analyzes what she calls (en)Visionography, the new way of creating fine art photography, she explores the depths of fine art photography, explaining how you can create a personal style in photography based on your own vision and representation of the world.

The explanations contain rich detail and in-depth analysis of how to create long exposure photography and architecture photography, giving you an insight into Julia's photography thinking process and also guiding you step-by-step on how to apply in practice everything she does herself to create award-winning photographs, through hands-on case studies and direct descriptions.

You will learn how to conceive your photography according to your vision, so the result can provoke emotion in the viewer – the same emotion you feel yourself when creating your work.

In addition, you will receive a 50+-page long eBook describing in detail Julia's personal processing method Photography Drawing (PhtD) applied on one of her gold-awarded images, showing you how to process your images from start to finish to create images that win awards.


“Thank you so much for your course. You can read bits and pieces about fine art architecture and about long exposure photography here and there but I haven’t found so far such a comprehensive tutorial that puts everything together and explains everything from both a practical and an artistic angle. It was a revelation for me. More of this!” – Randy S.

“So many tips to pick up from this video from a real master. I really enjoyed your demonstration of what you can achieve with a tilt-shift lens. Excellent editing ebook too.”- Peter G.

“Julia Anna you are such an inspiration. I’m honored to learn from you. This tutorial is a fantastic addition to the workshops I attended with you. I loved it and it gave me ideas for my work.” – Chris M.

“I have ordered Julia’s tutorial and I just finished watching it and reading the bonus book. I’m very happy and inspired and I cannot wait to get out to put into practice what I learned. I recommend the tutorial to anyone who wants to learn to do long exposure photography like a pro and express their artistic vision in their photography. If you want that, Creating Envisionography is for you.” – Alex W.

“Thank you so much for what was an eye-opening to not just the possibilities of post processing, but ultimately, my own vision and how I will capture/create images in the future.” – Hardy L.

“Great tutorial. Easy to follow and apply and with an insight into artistic vision and (en)Visionography that opens your eyes. Highly recommended.” – Tony S.

“I’ve been following your work for many years and it never fails to impress me. You are a great artist and a great teacher. Thank you for another fantastic tutorial. Regards.” – Stacy N.

“Best course on artistic long exposure photography and architecture. I was inspired by it to shoot buildings even if I’m a landscape photographer mainly. But practically you can apply what you learn in this course to both. Loved the tips. Thank you for the inspiration.” – Christophe D.

“I am completely satisfied with all three (en)Visionography courses with video training that I have purchased.” – Bruce M.

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