Kuassa Amplifikation Creme


Truly a must-have addition for all Amplifikation fans. Distinguised by its darker, fuller, and heavier tonal character discovered on High-Gain guitar amplifiers, Kuassa Amplifikation Creme’s three selectable channels can give you a sonic arsenal from sparkling clean tones to searing guitar riffs, able to match the sound quality of high-end tube powered guitar amplifiers.

FORMATS: Stand Alone - VST - VST3 - AU - AAX - 32bit - 64bit

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Kuassa Cerberus Bass Amp

$49.00 $39.00

Lo{w} and Behold! A 3-channel bass amplifier plug-ins from the maker of Amplifikation One, Vermilion and Creme. Cerberus will deliver thundering lows straight from your computer, carefully tuned and carrying enough power to rumble your studio. Cerberus Bass Amplifikation: Take charge of the bottom frequency.

FORMATS: Stand Alone - VST - VST3 - AU - AAX - 32bit - 64bit

Kuassa Amplifikation One

$49.95 $39.95

Stop messing around with your gears, get productive! - Kuassa Amplifikation One is a guitar software amp suite which finally help you focus on building your tone rather than messing with parameters, get immediate inspiration, maximize your sound using Kuassa Amplifikation One.


Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion

$39.00 $29.00

Guitar Amp Plugin inspired by classic guitar combo amps. It offers gorgeous looks and lots of tonality for serious guitarists who demand a guitar amp plugin with versatility. Amplifikation Vermilion packs everything that every guitarists difficult not to love: jangling cleans, raw tube saturation, springy reverb and that trippy tremolo circuit.

FORMATS: Stand Alone - VST - VST3 - AU - AAX - 32bit - 64bit