Kuassa Kratos 2 Maximizer


The latest version of Kuassa’s ooh-so-handy limiter / loudness maximizer: Kratos 2 Maximizer; featuring the new Adaptive Mode for Attack and Release parameters, dithering section, up to 4x oversampling, latency compensation, inter-sample peak detection, and completely redesigned graphics.

FORMATS: VST - VST3 - AU - AAX - 32bit - 64bit

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Kuassa EVE-AT Bundle

$78.00 $40.00

Need a shape?

Whether your song, session or individual recorded tracks need a tone polishing, we have the right tools to get shaped. Consider this as a 'tone-shaping' tool rather than a 'surgical/corrective' tool.

FORMATS: VST - VST3 - AU - AAX - 32bit - 64bit

Kuassa EVE-MP5

$59.00 $30.00

EVE-MP5 is a reproduction of two of the most sought-after classic hardware equalizers, the Pultec* MEQ-5 Midrange Equalizer and the EQP-1A Program Equalizer. We drew inspiration from them and combined both EQs into a compact single device with a color coded, straightforward interface intended for fast workflows and maximum usability.

FORMATS: VST - VST3 - AU - AAX - 32bit - 64bit

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