Avante-garde is an Animated Dialog for Excel that can be used as a replacement MsgBox to provide Screen information to end users. It has a Title, Close Cross, resizable SVG Icon, Message Text, Okay Button and Cancel Button. It has Theme Colours that apply to the hover effects on the Buttons and the Colour of the Icon. Avante-garde can be 'skinned' using embedded images. Avante-garde uses JavaScript to control the Animations and handle Dialog Events. The Lightbox can be used together with Avante-garde to produce 'easing' overlay effects that Avante-garde can Animate In and Out over. The Avante-garde Class, HTML/CSS and JavaScript were built from scratch using legacy Markup and helper Classes, Easing, SystemMetric, SystemTiming and Lightbox. 24 Skins, 34 Icons & 28 Animations are all embedded into a single very hidden Sheet called 'Sheet999' for a 653 KB Macro-enabled Excel File. You are purchasing version 1.4 featuring the Windows 11 fix