Boho (MP3 Player AddIn) - create Playlists and Play MP3 Music from files on your Computer or Stream from a Website in Excel. Have you ever wanted to play MP3's in Excel? Well here is an AddIn for Excel that lets you do just that. It is called 'Boho' featuring a Bohemian themed GUI ("Boho" is the short form of "bohemian," which means socially unconventional). You can create Playlists of MP3's from files on your computer or from URL's from Websites and then play them in the background whilst still working in Excel. You can create / delete / edit Playlists and adjust the volume using a Slider on the Settings Dialog. Boho uses your default Media Player to launch the Music and iterate your Playlists all using the 'mciSendString()' library commands. You are purchasing version 1