Carbon is a smarter version of Zombie with a Profesional look and feel. A sleek Carbon Dialog with minimilist Colours and good-looking Google Fonts combine to produce a modern Modal Dialog (or replacement MsgBox) for Excel that can be Animated through the various stored Animations. Carbon uses Base64 embedded Images as Icons (Icons are embedded into the Class). The Carbon Themes are kept to a minimal so as to be aesthetically pleasing. The Animations have been grouped together from Animations by Daniel Eden and Animista. The latest version of Carbon is now a standalone Class with many extra features over previous versions. All of the legacy versions, 1.4 retro-fit, 1.3 (full-fat Carbon with all of the Examples, Icons, Skins etc.), 1.2, together with a minified CoolBlue skinny-carbon with embedded Icons and Skin - who doesn't like low-fat!? MeepMeep! (ACT I), v2.4 Extreme Dark Edition and v2.5 Badass Edition are also included with the Carbon purchase! Carbon v2.6 is the latest version to use with or without a lightbox on dark and light backgrounds. You are purchasing version 2.8 featuring the Windows 11 fix