Carbon UI Elements - Interactive Flat UI Images modified from a PSD Carbon UI Kit PSD by to use on a UserForm Here is a Material design that allows you to add interactive Checkboxes, Radiobuttons, Sliders, Rocker Buttons, Toggle Buttons, Buttons and a 5 Star Rating to a UserForm. Carbon UI Elements use a minimal Colour theme and gorgeous Graphics. The Images are isolated, edited and then extracted out of a Free PSD Carbon UI Kit All of these elements' states can be saved as they are used, in Named Ranges on a Worksheet, for example the 5 Star Rating is saved as either '0' for no Star Rating (zero Stars) or 3 for a 3 Star Rating (3 Stars highlighted and selected). When the UserForm is displayed the states for all of the elements are initialised, for example if a Checkbox state is TRUE then it will be Checked All of the Images loaded into the Image Controls are available in the Download File and I have also saved them as SVG. To edit the Button Text properly, you should use an Art Package for example Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop or Affinity Designer (I use Affinity for all of my work). The Images can also be copied from one UserForm to another without any editing Carbon UI Elements use two tiny Classes from UserForm Extensibility to enable the Hand Cursor on a MouseOver action on an image and a Pause in milliseconds. The Toggle Button uses additional Code in the UserForm to move the Button back and forth with easing and to change the On/Off Icons. Other additional Code is also supplied to enable the Sliders, Rocker Switches and 5 Star Ratings. You are purchasing version 1.1