Cassandra, the power of prophecy for Excel 2016 and APO. Cassandra is an exponential smoothing, weekly, seasonal forecast model for Excel that derives a level together with a rise and run trend from 12 weeks or less of actuals to predict the future. I currently use Cassandra daily to model Products in APO for SAP. You can use Actuals or Final Cleaned Actuals, the choice is yours but cleaning of any input data is not neccessary. Cassandra is a lot easier to design and integrate into your own Company requirements. Cassandra consists of a basic Formula template *.xlsx, that you can choose to use as-is or develop yourself and then a feature-rich VBA template *.xlsm (Macro-enabled), that you can use together with APO (either with a Paste of data for Actuals from BI/BW, BEx Analyzer embedded Grid (32 bit Excel) or on 64 bit Excel via Citrix, Power Query, Power BI Pivot or just a simple Paste from any system). You do not need APO to use Cassandra but it has been specifically designed to make a Demand Planners life easier when modelling Products following their launch into a Business and to close the gap on the lost data following COVID where we won't really have a proper full year of Actuals until the end of 2023 to create Seasonality by Product Category. Once a forecast has been generated, you can take out the Actuals at any level from APO and then turn this into Cleaning data that you can then Paste back into APO to allow a Product to have full 3 Years of Sales History Cleaning. You are purchasing version 1