Charcoal Template


Charcoal Reporting Template by Mark Kubiszyn. This Excel File contains a single formatted Sheet with a modified 'Normal' Style, a single Charcoal Border, a striped Background used for any "No fill" parts of the Sheet and an Arial Font of 10pt modified to between 11pt-19.5pt for Headers. The last Columns are Hidden and Gridlines/Headers are turned off. I have also included a Pastel Colour Pallet for you to chose one or two Theme Colours to go with the charcoal. I intend to use this Template as the basis for a number of reports at work and will look to build a few Table Styles off the back of this Project which will form part of any future update. The result is a simple, stylish, bespoke reporting template that looks good to a Zoom level of 70%. The Spreadsheet can be used multiple times and amended to whatever you want for your reporting purposes. Once purchased you can request the Background stripe if you want it for any other Projects I have styled the Border with a subtle off-white that sits alongside the Striped Background to try to blend the Charcoal and Background together. You will also find a couple of thin lines that can be used to divide reporting areas. To use these and view how I have made this effect, turn on the headings and make the Rows or Columns wider. You are purchasing version 1