DatePicker is my latest Draggable, Popup Calendar-style Dialog allowing you to select a single Date and return it to the Cell built using a UserForm. DatePicker is similar to my Popup Calendar Software but doesn't use an embedded image to restyle the Dialog, is more compact and has a different look and feel to it. You can toggle the Months and restrict the Date range to a specific consecutive Day range (ie. Monday to Sunday for the current week), a single Month (October 2021) or a specific consecutive Week range (next 2 weeks). You can use my DatePicker with a UserForm to return a Date to a Textbox control. You can dismiss the DatePicker using the Escape {ESC} key. You can position the DatePicker right next to the ActiveCell in a Worksheet and drag the DatePicker around using the left Mouse Button. DatePicker allows for very flexible Date restrictions ie. allow Mondays only to be Booked for the next 4 Years. There are toggle arrows for the Years and you can left/right-click on the Header to increment the Months You are purchasing Version 1.1