This Software uses Robert Penners easing Functions converted from JavaScript to VBA. It uses a variety of different resourses to pull together easing Functions that are presented in 4 Files, a legacy example Workbook with a plot Chart, a newer generic easing Function Workbook (legacy examples and my Flyout Animations on a separate Sheet without a plot Chart), a modern easing Cheat Sheet with a Donut demo and an ITeeen Object Animation Class Workbook which demonstrates not only Shape movement, but also UserForm movement. The ITween Class is powerful in that it can be added to any Object, which includes Shapes, Icons, UserForms etc. and it also includes easing on the Top, Bottom, Width and Height of the Object / Element with easing movement in all directions. Easing can be confusing, therefore I have spent considerable time ensuring the Cheat Sheet Demo plots the movement from a start position to an end position so that the easing demonstration and the Code make much more sense than in my legacy work. There is no direction in an easing, it is just that, an animation from the start position to the end position split by N number of Tweens ran every N Frame. VBA needs to be a little different than running easing in JavaScript where we can request the next frame, with VBA we need to do some timing and allow DoEvents. To ease backwards, you can swap the start and end positions of the Tweens. You are purchasing version 2.1