Hyperlink Rollovers


This Software will combine some of my oldest and very latest (and most awesome) Rollover techniques to give you various options when using the Hyperlink Rollover in your future Projects. I will examine the basic Rollover and then take you on a journey through some pretty crazy methods of using the Rollover to do, well, just about anything. I have discovered new ways to use both a proper Hyperlink Tooltip together with a Hyperlink Rollover. I have discovered ways to navigate anywhere including selecting other Worksheets within the Workbook for a specific Range whenever a Hyperlink Rollover Cell is selected by the Mouse without ever capturing the Mouse click itself or using any of the techniques out there in the public domain. All of my investigations into Rollovers and my alternative techniques focus entirely on Cell Rollovers not Chart Rollovers and do not include Shapes or ActiveX Labels. This is a deep-dive into the Hyperlink Rollover subject, which I hope both newbies and old-hands alike will find interesting and useful as a complete terms of reference. You are purchasing version 1