Info Bubble


Info Bubble for Excel. Interactive, Draggable, Modal or Modeless Information Bubbles to use in Excel 2016 (32bit or 64bit, Version 16). If you want to have a really nice, modern looking MsgBox for Excel then how about using my Info Bubble. Info Bubble uses my minified Extensibility Class for Excel (redacted from my UserForm-Extensibility Class) to make some aspects of interactivity easier like adding a Hand Cursor to a Close Cross or allowing a UserForm or parts of a UserForm to be transparent and / or dragged by the Mouse. All of the Credits for Images are in the Download File together with links for Purchasing Vectors (where I have used Pro licenses myself) to enable you to develop this Software further should you so wish. You are purchasing version 1.1 with an additional Rounded Rectangular .BMP Bubble