Jellyfish is a Reactive Seasonal, Simple Linear Trend Forecasting Model, that is ran Weekly for Excel 2016 64bit. Jellyfish is a Weekly Forecasting Tool for Excel, written in VBA, featuring Ribbon Buttons for the Macros. It comprises of a Model and a Planner. It allows you to maintain a strict but editable Table of products or combinations that can be updated after an initial Actuals history dump. The Model allows cleaning, builds seasonality and then creates a forecast with a trend. It is a 'Rule-based' Model which switches its forecasting methodology depending on a set of rules around the most recent weekly buckets. It can store the rolling forecast which then takes precedent over the calculated forecast for the past. The Planner allows you to make adjustments to the forecasts, add any Promotional activity, add a percentage (%) uplift and add forecast overriders. It can be used to start forecasting New Product launches straight away, letting the Model take control of the forecast as the next actuals are updated. Due to the way it builds a reactive level and then uses the Slope function in Excel, it can be classified as a Regression Model. A separate Latest Estimate File uses various VBA techniques to retrieve a latest forecast estimate directly out of Jellyfish from a local file or a SharePoint file. You are purchasing Version 1.4