Lightbox v1 A Lightbox is a Light or Dark overlay that covers the entire Application Window. Version 1, Lightbox Class features some abstraction, based around a Class example by Rubberduck whereby you do not neccesarily need to ever Unload a UserForm in order for it to go out of Scope. The UserForm implements an IFoo Class and IWrapper Class to pass the UserForm as an Object ----- Lightbox v2 Lightbox version 2, consists of just 3 minified Classes that create a dynamic Borderless UserForm with easing and Transparency. It will instantiate a UserForm with the following Methods: Show(), TransitionIn() and TransitionOut(). It allows proprietary access (without intellisense) to Properties such as Width, Height, StartUpPosition via the PseudoInterface Property of the Foobar Class. It then uses the Transition Methods to Fade the Lightbox overlay in and out on a Timer together with easing Functions----- Lightbox v3 Lightbox version 3 is a single, UserForm Code Module. You are purchasing version 3, which includes Versions 1 & 2 ----- Access Example A modified example that you can use in Microsoft Access ----- Lightbox v3.2 Additional examples of using a Modal Bug Error UserForm ontop of the Lightbox Please Note: all versions have a retro-fit allowing them to work when using Windows 11