LightboxAnimatedGif - display a Lightbox with easing and an Animated Gif as a Shape on the ActiveSheet to 'Lock out' user input whilst you complete some VBA Code task OR when Excel performs standard Formula Calculation on a Worksheet. LightboxAnimatedGif is the only true method I have found that allows Excel to perform its Calculations whilst displaying some type of Progress Indicator. Other methods that I have written and used over the years work well with VBA Tasks and indeed a couple pause during Calculations and then resume nicely, but always have some discernable jerk (or complete pause) when Excel goes into its non-stoppable Calculation Mode. This Software addresses the issue (where standard animations, threading, worker threads, HTML Web Browser animations etc. do not work) and finds a solution that you can use in your own Projects very easily to display to the end user that Excel is busy calculating. You are purchasing version 1