Menubar - a Bar that sits at the Top or Side of a Worksheet with Buttons to use as a switch to toggle an option or setting for Excel (Version 1.1 can also follow the Window when Scrolling). Menubar is designed to let you add Buttons and Divider Shapes to a Bar Shape to produce a Placeholder Bar that sits at the Top or Side of a Worksheet. The Buttons use a Macro called Toggle to allow a Depressed look and to run any Macros after a user presses them using the Mouse. It also allows you to run a Macro from a Button Press and then Popup the Button again, restoring its Status. You can create a moving Menubar that uses my Alternative Method Macros to allow single Shapes and Buttons to be Nested Grouped Shapes. When you Scroll using the Cursor Keys or Move and select a Cell with the Mouse, the Menubar follows you to the new Cell position. You are purchasing version 1.3 with my Jellyfish Menubar example