Introducing a fork of my NeoGeo (Geometric) Software for Excel. Information Dialog with Ribbon Button and HTML Scrollable Text Area in a Neo Geo Style for Excel (32bit or 64bit, Version 16) Build Beautiful, Modern UserForms for Excel. NeoGeo is an Information Dialog for Excel featuring a modern interface, created using a modified Geometric Vector Bitmap image loaded directly into a UserForm Picture member. It is triggered via the Ribbon, by pressing the 'NeoGeo (Geometric)' Button on the 'Information' Group of the 'Awesome Software' Tab on the Ribbon. It has an interactive Close Cross to Unload the UserForm. There is a Scrollable, HTML WebBrowser, Content Text Area where you can add up to three parts of Text to describe your Software and adjust the Colours of the Scrollbar Face and Track. NeoGeo uses my minified Extensibility Class for Excel (redacted from my UserForm-Extensibility Class) to make some aspects of interactivity easier like adding a Hand Cursor to a UserForm when you hover over the Close Cross or allowing parts of a UserForm to be transparent and / or dragged by the Mouse. You are purchasing version 1