Pop is a Scalable, Flexible, Bespoke Message Dialog UI for Excel built using VBA/HTML/Javascript/CSS in a WebBrowser Control, featuring Icons, Images, Text, Buttons, a Progressbar and Preloaders. It includes a Javascript Fade-out for the Dialog Box when closed by a Button or the small Close Cross. Pop, PopBox (or Pop.Box) for Excel, uses Boxes as containers for Text, Frames, Images, Icons, a Progressbar and its Buttons. You can build a Modal Dialog with LightBox and Timeout to display Messages, Alerts and Notifications to users. Pop is flexible with extensive configuration Settings to adjust everything from the Lightbox Colour and Fade, the Size of the Window and Icons (in Percentage %) through to the Style used for all of the Boxes, including the Backgrounds, Borders and Fonts. You are purchasing Version 1.3