Pretty Buttons


Pretty Buttons - Pretty Buttons designed in Affinity that can be Pressed/Depressed for Excel with Tooltips. Pretty Buttons came about as an inspiration for a project in Excel where I wanted some nice looking label buttons in a variety of 'wet chalk' colours with an Icon on the left-hand side, that could be pressed/depressed with Tooltips with the ability to capture the state. I wanted rectangular Buttons with one of the buttons remaining transparent so that I could use any 'Fill' colour for the background. I wanted a 'Normal' and a 'Pressed' or 'Depressed' state in a 3D style, so that they would look even better when a drop-shadow was added in Excel. I also wanted to design a Toolbar and then create some smaller buttons in a variety of sizes. Pretty Buttons was the outcome of this work - I hope you like it! You are purchasing version 1.3 which includes a Transparent Rounded Corner Button