Pretty Rollovers


Pretty Rollovers - Pretty Rollovers for Excel with Proper Tooltips and Macros. So what are Pretty Rollovers? They are Rollovers that have been, well, tidied up a bit I guess. My Pretty Rollovers have been a 'long' time in the making, these pesky Hyperlink Rollovers sometimes need a bit of work to tame! I have written and created over 25 different Rollover Workbook examples and included Rollovers in many Projects. Ever since Jordan Goldmeir pronounced the technique to the Excel/VBA world I have been obsessed with the methodolgy behind a Rollover and have learnt some amazing tricks using these little critters. This Project proves there is still stuff we don't fully understand about Rollovers or at the very least, that there are certain aspects of Rollovers that can be exploited. What do I get? Well, you get 2 Formulas that can be adapted to run Rollovers to 'RollOn' and to 'RollOff' a Cell, to Highlight the Rolled Cell, bring up a proper Tooltip, not just that ugly crud of a Tooltip that the Hyperlink Function creates and to link up to your Macros. Additional Code is supplied to get around the fact that following a Rollover certain actions like selecting other Sheets using VBA are blocked - yep, this Project has it all. The Rollover Code also gets rid of those tiny error triangles that the Hyperlink Function sometimes throws out at you too. Code Modules contain Code to support both Contiguous Pretty Rollovers and Non-contiguous / Spaced Pretty Rollovers. You can make your Rollovers exhibit the behaviou of a Button with a Depressed or Pressed look. You are purchasing version 2