ResponsiveSnackie - use as a responsive popup to show a message at the bottom of the screen with the ability to add a Button and capture a click on it for Excel. Add some Text and adjust the formatting. Then send out your popup to the bottom of the Excel Window. ResponsiveSnackie must be clicked in order for it to be dismissed. You can add a Button to ResponsiveSnackie that you capture a Click for. Snackie has been designed to work on both dark and light Excel backgrounds. It is based upon a CodePen by Decatron and has been ported and modified for the IE WebBrowser Control and then customised especially for Excel using VBA by Mark Kubiszyn. Cute Snackie image from Please Note: ResponsiveSnackie uses jQuery and Font Awesome with the WebBrowser Control. ResponsiveSnackie does not have all of the jQuery library's embedded - they are pulled dynamically from the internet, therefore you must have an internet connection to use Snackie, but then, let's face it, who doesn't these days!?. You are purchasing version 1