Retro Dialog


Interactive, Draggable, Modal or Modeless 3D Retro Dialog Box to use in Excel (32bit or 64bit, Version 16). Retro Dialog is a Retro style Dialog image that is loaded into a UserForm. The Titlebar and Borders of the UserForm are removed and the Transparency key is used to turn White areas of the image transparent. It is sized to '400px x '267px' and has an Icon, an interactive Close Cross and two interactive Buttons. Optional Titlebar and Message Labels allow you to specify a Title and / or a Message to the user. One of the examples uses a large Blue Pointer for the Mouse Cursor. The Dialog can be closed either by the Close Cross, Buttons or the Escape Key {ESC}. My Software gives you the Code and method to download your own Vector Images and change them into sleek, Dialogs that you can 'Popup' to users. Retro Dialog use my minified Extensibility Class for Excel (redacted from my UserForm-Extensibility Class) to make some aspects of interactivity easier like adding a Hand Cursor to a Close Cross or allowing a UserForm or parts of a UserForm to be transparent and / or dragged by the Mouse. All of the Credits for Images are in the Download File together with links for Purchasing Vectors (where I have used Pro licenses myself) to enable you to develop this Software further should you so wish. You are purchasing version 1