Slider Toggle Buttons


Slider Toggle Buttons - animated buttons to use as a switch to toggle an option or setting for Excel. I use 3 Shapes and 1 Graphics object (an Icon) grouped together to create each Slider Button. I suffix each group with 1, 2, 3 etc. to allow the code to distinguish which Button is being activated on a Sheet. Then I link up a Subroutine to animate the Slider Button and the Icon - the code also changes the colour of the cylinder from grey to green when the Slider Button is switched on. The code uses my IEasing Class to demonstrate 3 different types of easing or movements for the Buttons, easeInExpo (start slow then accelerate), easeInBack (gives the impression that you are pulling back on the Button before letting it spring out) and easeInSine (a silky-smooth feel to make the Button glide into situ). You are purchasing version 1.2