Small Toggle Buttons


Small Toggle Buttons - compact animated buttons to use as a switch to toggle an option or setting for Excel. These small Toggle Buttons can be used as a switch to toggle a setting On/Off in Excel. Desinged from scratch, I use 2 Shapes and 1 Graphics object (an Icon) grouped together to create each Button. I suffix each group with 1, 2, 3 etc. to allow the code to distinguish which Button is being activated on a Sheet. Then I link up a Subroutine to animate the Button and the Icon - in some examples, the code also changes the colour of the cylinder from grey to orange when the Button is switched on. The code uses my IEasing Class to demonstrate 4 different types of easing or movements for the Buttons, easeInExpo, easeOutBack, easeOutElasticSmall and easeOutQuintic. You are purchasing version 1